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Individual research of Dr. A. Walosik, PhD

  • Conditions for effective ecological education in knowledge-based society
  • Aims of ecological education, programme requirements, as well as pupils’ school achievements and competences
  • Educational standards and selection/structure of educational content; influence of educational standards upon the pedagogical and educational process
  • Selection and transformation of ecological content in light of the educational standards
  • Education for sustainable development
  • Evaluation and assessment of the results of ecological education. Didactic measurement. Educational diagnosis.
  • Professional competencies of teachers in the context of the educational system reform
  • Development of biology-related skills among pupils and students

Research conducted by Dr. A Walosik, PhD centres around problems relating to ecological and environmental education at all levels of education. She is also interested in the environmental awareness of young people and activities undertaken by them for the purpose of sustainable development. She focuses further on the environmental and biological education in the context of the requirements of knowledge-based society as well as on the role and tasks of education in the process of European integration. Numerous works of Dr. A Walosik, PhD are devoted to the didactics at higher education institutions, education of teachers, and development of their professional competences in the context of new educational tasks.
Since 2010 Dr. Walosik, PhD has been participating in works on the construction of plans and educational programmes for educating students studying at courses related to Natural Sciences in relation to the requirements presented in the National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education.

Participation in statute research :

Since 1990 “Innovation and programme tendencies”
Since 1999 “Research into the functionality of core curricula encompassing biology and environment-related issues in the new system of education”
2005 - 2007 “Evaluation of aims, tasks, and programme requirements for students participating in the classess on didactics of Biology”.
Modifications in the education of students in connection with educational standards.
2008 – 2010 “Didactics of Biology in relation to the changes in the European system of higher education (the Bologna Declaration)”.
Research into the European higher education system within the fields of professional development, mobility and integrated programmes of teaching, training and research.