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In years 1996 – 2013 Dr. Alicja Walosik, PhD participated actively in more than 50 national and international conferences and scientific seminars on didactics of Biology, ecological and environmental education, presenting the process and outcomes of her research. She was also actively involved in works on the reform of the educational system (1999-2008), and took part in consultations and workshops devoted to professional development and implementation of the reform at various levels of the educational system organized for teachers of Natural Sciences and Biology.

The results of her research have been published both in Poland and abroad.

W latach 2008 – 2012 pełniła w Instytucie Biologii, funkcję Kierownika praktyk pedagogicznych.

She is an author of 118 (after PhD examination) scientific publications pertaining to the didactics of Natural Sciences, Biology and Environment Protection, ecological education, environmental education, didactics at higher education institutions, and education of teachers in the context of new educational tasks. She is also a co-author of educational programmes, course books for teaching Natural Sciences in primary schools and Biology at upper-secondary schools, activity books, methodology handbooks for teachers and didactic aids for Natural Sciences. She co-authored and co-edited university course books:

  • “Didactics of Biology and Environment Protection” (2006)
  • “Environmental Education in the Context of Present Day Challenges” (2011)

Since 2001 Dr. Walosik, PhD has been working as an expert appointed by the Minister of National Education, evaluating programmes, course books and didactic aids.

In years 2008 – 2012 she worked as Director of Pedagogical Practice in the Faculty of Biology.

In years 2010 – 2013 co-authoring plans and programmes of studies for the following courses:

  • Biology (undergraduate course and graduate course)
  • Chemistry (undergraduate course)
  • Environment Protection (undergraduate course)
compliant with the National Qualifications Framework for Higher Education.

Development of a list of learning outcomes for the main fields of study and the specializations, as well as syllabuses for particular subjects in accordance with the ECTS requirements.

In 2013 – development of a programme of studies for Bioinformatics course, accompanied by a description of learning outcomes and syllabuses for particular subjects within the course (in accordance with ECTS requirements).